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9 gifs of Harold Finch per episode -> S02E10 Shadow Box

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after I saw the post about the 11th doctor spitting on the TARDIS console I went back and watch the episode and you can tell the one who asked about it that he did it and I know why he did it. Matt got some debris in his mouth and because he was affraid of getting choke in it he decide to spit..

Oh, I see, that would explain it o:

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#actual five-year-olds

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Am I the only one who saw the 11th Doctor spit on the TARDIS console in "The end of time part 2"? just before he yells "Geronimo"?

I didn’t notice! There’s a lot of explosions, flames and ashes flying around so yeah, ahah.

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the doctor and rose favorite moments: tooth and claw

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Images in Internet fandom - Survey!


Okay everyone - personal post!  I have a huge favor to ask.  I am currently writing my MA thesis on the use of Images in internet fandom communities - specifically SuperWhoLock, and specifically on Tumblr and Pinterest.  That’s (probably) you!

I am looking for any and all thoughts on why images are important to fandom, and I’m using the word ‘image’ very loosely here - I’m talking about screencaps, manips, original art, AU and mashup photo sets or trailers, gifs and gif sets, etc.  If it is fandom based and has a visual component, it probably applies.  


  1. Why are images important in fandom? (if you think they’re not, you’re welcome to express that as well)
  2. How do you think the rise of visual social media platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest have affected internet fan communities? 
  3. Any other thoughts that pop into your head…

I have created a survey that basically asks the same questions, but I’m only allowed the track 100 responses there, so if some people wanted to just send me their thoughts to my ask box that would be more than okay. (Read: amazing.)  Oh and if you repost this, or send it to fandom hot beds that would also be amazing.  

Okay, I think that’s it - thank you so much, you guys are the best!  (Seriously, you are.  If I didn’t really believe that, I never would have decided to write about this topic, so you know I’m not lying!)

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The Smile Project




I know it’s not the place to ask this but I am crying  my eyes out writing this. I’m 17 and my teeth have made my life a living hell. I can’t look in the mirror anymore. I hate how I look to the point I don’t even have the  confidence to even leave the house anymore.They are the reason I have depression and why I get bullied in school.

 All I want to do is go to my Debs, what you would call Prom, smiling but can’t because of how I feel so awful about these. I saved up money to get them fixed before but it took over 8 years to do so and that was with money that my dad left me after he died but I had to give the money to my Mom because she needed it to pay for my grandfather’s funeral and she didn’t have enough money to cover the costs.

I want to smile fully instead of having to worry that I’m disgusting someone and close my mouth right away.

Please,please help. This is torture.
 I cannot afford it as I am a full-time secondary school student with no medical card and my mother is a single widowed parent. I have gone to two different orthodontist and even with the payment plan my mother and I would not be able to afford it. I have put together a fundraiser to try and raise the money as a last resort.
I know some of you might think that this is a spam or a fraud link just ask me for further proof if you want it. The braces are called 6 month smiles so I’m hoping to have the money saved soon so they will be off before I go to the Debs.

Here is the link for the fundraiser:

Here is the link to the Facebook page I set up as proof of The Smile Project:
If you guys could help donate even just 1 dollar it would be one step closer or even by just re-blogging it, it would mean the absolute world to me and to be able to get these would be a dream come true. Thank you for reading.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Meets Parkour in Real Life

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9 gifs of Harold Finch per episode -> S02E09 C.O.D.

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