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A happy birthday to Billie Piper!

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since it's Billie Piper's birthday today what is your favorite Rose story and could you show us in a gif set. My favorite Rose story is Dalek

Oh it’s easy, I pretty much like every (or almost) scene with Rose :D If I really had to choose, maybe it’d be in ‘The Satan Pit’ when the Doctor says that Satan assumes that Rose is just a victim and she ends up killing Satan. Besides, she’s a badass the whole episode.

I have very little time to spare during the week, that’s why I gif stuff on weekends so I have a queue for the week.
I’ll see what I can do for you this evening, but I can’t promise you anything.. I can gif a scene from ‘Dalek’ this weekend though!

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I suffer from PTSD and I have one trick that always have helped me when I have stress. I have a pearl necklace that I use as a bracelet and when I sit down at a table I take off the pearl necklace and have it in my hands under the table and turns it arround between my fingers so that no one can get nervous when they see me turning the pearl necklace. it calms me to have something familiar and it does not make the noice you can make with a pen while you press on it.

That sounds helpful indeed!
But I’ve read that during an interview it’s best to have both your hands on the table (not joined though because it’s a sign that you’re closed to ideas / on yourself). 
I’m reading articles on what I should and not do :) As for stress, I’ll try to take deep breaths and see how it goes.

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Tomorrow I have an interview for an internship of 6 months in a research lab to validate my Master and let me tell you, I am drowning in stress.

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4 season is coming

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you have found "Doctor Who The Ultimate Companion" could I ask for a link and what about "Doctor Who The Ultimate Time Lord"? do you have the link for it

I’ve used torrent for these, and you can find them by typing ‘Doctor Who The Ultimate Companion’ or ‘Doctor Who The Ultimate Time Lord’ on: kickass ( . ) to
(Don’t mind the name, it’s a very useful torrent site)

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I don't expect you to make them, but maybe you're better with Google than me. I'm looking for images of different incarnations of The Doctor choosing to go out a window instead of a door. I've got one of Four, but it's really small so I was looking for a larger one of those. Plus 12, obviously, and any others of any regeneration. I've tried to search for them myself but keep finding Windows Wallpaper or pictures of Jack Harkness instead.

Mmh… I can’t think of any scene right now..
Maybe my followers can help?

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Requested by yocarmo.

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hello fellow whovian! if you're still making gif sets from time heist, could you please make one of the part where psi is leaving the tardis and offers to help the doctor with any more bank robberies, clara hugs him telling him bank robbing is 'not his area' and the doctor signalling him to call him. Thanks!

Sure thing!

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could I make two request for gif sets they're both from Doctor Who The Ultimate Companion! the one is Peter Davison with the TARDIS manuel and the other one is Peter asking John Barrowman for a autograf and John says something that he is always glad if the Doctor is a fan of him !! sorry for the bed english

I’ve finished the download so I should be able to work on your requests soon :)

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Space Dorks

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